Http keepalive proxy upstream

Hello nginx mailing-list,

Just entered this email list, after setup nginx as reverse proxy.

Configured nginx (nginx-0.7.67) on ubuntu 10.04LTS 64 bits as
https -> http reverse proxy.

After successfull tests, now i noticed an issue with authenticating with
ISS. and after some research i found out that it is the
(missing) http-keepalive to backend is wat breaks authentication.

I found a post of the issue with ISS/keepalives/authentication:

Which sound not verry promising to switch keepalive of on ISS>

From what i read on
NginxHttpProxyModule = It is an HTTP/1.0 proxy without the ability for
keep-alive requests yet.

Is there any timeline known when that (proxy-upstream) keepalives may
implemented? Or perhaps other related information available?

Thanks in advance,


Arjan Filius

Arjan Filius
mailto:[email protected]