HTTP 411 Length Required Errors

Greetings, we’d like to use nginx to balance for multiple instances of
core grid services for the Atlanta Clinical & Translational Science
Biomedical Informatics Grid. We’ve used nginx successfully on several
other projects, but this time we’re seeing the errors below when
accessing from grid clients. Note that these registration requests
succeed when pointed directly to the JBoss container hosting the
back-end grid services but not when pointed to nginx. These clients are
based on caGrid (cancer research grid) and Globus grid foundation. This
is the first time we’ve used nginx in conjunction with these types of
clients, so we suspect it has something to do with these clients, but we
noticed this previous nginx thread and wondered if others have had and
solved this problem recently either with nginx configuration or by
modifying client behavior. Any help or suggestions would be greatly


2010/10/27 12:54:40 [notice] 12501#0: nginx/0.8.53
2010/10/27 12:54:40 [notice] 12501#0: built by gcc 4.4.4 20100630 (Red
Hat 4.4.4-10) (GCC)
2010/10/27 12:54:40 [notice] 12501#0: OS: Linux

caGrid Dorian Service Error contacting the IndexService balanced by

13:31:02,796 WARN [ServiceGroupRegistrationClient] Warning: Could not
register to
servicegroup at – check
the URL and that the remote service is up. Remote exception was
(411)Length Required
13:31:02,796 ERROR [AdvertisementClient] Got exception from status
callback:(411)Length Required
faultCode: {}HTTP
faultString: (411)Length Required
{}:return code: 411

nginx access.log: - - [27/Oct/2010:13:31:02 -0400] “POST
/wsrf/services/DefaultIndexService HTTP/1.1” 411 181 “-” “Axis/1.2RC2”

nginx error.log:

2010/10/27 13:31:02 [info] 12549#0: *3 client sent “Transfer-Encoding:
chunked” header while reading client request headers, client:, server:, request: “POST
/wsrf/services/DefaultIndexService HTTP/1.1”, host:

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