Http 405 method not allowed error calling a webservice

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing some difficulties with a web service I’m creating.

This webservice has a login method which checks some credentials
against an user database. Everything works beautifully so far.
Now I’m trying to add a method which creates an instance of an object
(which, incidentally, belongs_to an user).
So i added the following to my api and service definition:

class MywsApi < ActionWebService::API::Base

inflect_names false
api_method :login, :expects => [[:string]], :returns => [[:int] ]
api_method :newThing, :expects => [[:string]], :returns => [:int] #<-
added this line


class MywsService < ActionWebService::Base
web_service_api MywsApi

def login(name, password)

#does stuff to authenticate

def newThing(session_id, param1, param2) #<-Added this method

@user = User.find(session_id)
@thing={:user => @user, :field1 =>
param1, :field2=> param2})
return 0
return 1


The login method works perfectly, but when I fire the newThing event I
receive a most saddening:
“http 405: method not allowed”.

Am I missing something? do I need to add anything elsewhere to get
another method working?
Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


My bad… I was calling the service on the wrong port.
As always, all work and no sleep make Rey9999 go blind.

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