Htmltools 1.09 doesn't play nice with ActionPack strip_tags!


I’ve discovered an incompatibility between HTMLTools 1.09 (a very handy
HTML parser) and ActionPack 1.12.1.

Basically, they both do some HTML parsing and they both create a module
named HTML::Tag, which causes confusion when said Tag object attempts to
be instantiated in the ActionPack context.

That said, now I get to choose which one’s namespace to fiddle with.
But a couple of issues arise for me:

  1. Should I report this issue as a bug on one of the packages? Which

  2. Has anyone ever discussed some sort of module naming convention that
    would hopefully avoid this sort of issue? Although Java’s convention of
    embedding domain names in package names may seem ugly, it certainly
    reduces the number of potential collisions between Java classes