HTML5 support with rails 4.0.2

I just started learning Rails 4.0.2. I was wondering if there is
anything(any gem?) which allows the support of html5 in rails .html.erb

So basically, lets say, If I create an email field in my .html.erb, It
would look like as :

<%= f.text_field :email %>
And in html5, you can simply use

<input type=“email” …>
which make sure that email format is correct…

My question is:

Is it possible to use <%= … %> in .html.erb pages using the
help of anything?

I hope I made my question clear. I won’t mind writing more about it if
it is not clear…

Found it on stackoverflow…

Rails does support HTML5, try this in your view

= f.email_field :email
Just make sure your layout starts with tag (which is
added for you by default).

You should read more about this and other view-related helpers in the
excellent Guide on the topic, these HTML5 helpers are detailed in the
Other Helpers section

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