Html sitemap


I’m trying to create a hierarchy html page of a sitemap from my
routes.rb file. Each entry needs to use its name and link to its page.
I keep finding stuff about using an XML sitmap but I don’t want this
as I want it to be human readable. Can anyone help me with this? This
is my first project using Ruby on Rails so I might be missing
something really easy but havn’t seen it yet.


Creating a sitemap xml or html is just as easy as any other page…

In the controller pull the resources that are dynamic like

@pages = Pages.all

and then in the view do

<% @pages.each do |page| %>
<%= link_to, page_path(page) %>

and then add the static stuff

<% %w( page1 page2 ).each do |page| %>
<%= link_to, some_path(page) %>

how are your pages stored that you want in the site map?

Freddy A. wrote:

Creating a sitemap xml or html is just as easy as any other page…

Furtherless, I would not rip the routes.rb map to generate it, because
routes are either boring and static, like /app/faq, or are dynamically
generated, like /blog/post/:name, and it’s the interesting ones we need
in the
nav bar or site map. I would be interested to see if anyone can think of
clever way to do that by ripping the routes.rb map!


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