Html/JavaScript/CSS code ouput in TextArea-- Best Ways


What would be the best way to Output Code in TextArea for a UI
The Rails App View is pure HTML and JavaScript.

1.render in text for controller action and the text is the code string.
The < and > etc can be passed as is in this mode.

2.Read a HTML Template File (containing JS and CSS references) in Public
directory(?) that needs to be substitute some variables that were
inputted in a form by the user.

3.Create HTML on Ruby Side with some XML Builder instead of Reading a
And then pass that String to code.

Please advise.

Thank you.

ps. Was posted on Ruby forum by mistake. Sorry about that. Moved it to
Ruby on Rails forum.

Smart RoR wrote:

Its probably the builder template that works best here I guess to
generate HTML code here.

Is there a way to define for example to use Nokigiri instead of default
Builder class?