Html.erb and textmate. Cant get snippets to work


I moved to html.erb but the snippets fail to work.

lia(tab) gives me link_to

lia with a tab after it =)

I have tried the comment suggested here:

David D.:

  1. Select Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Languages… from the menu bar.
  2. Find and un-collapse the Rails bundle in the left-hand list. 3.
    Select the ‘Ruby on Rails’ item. In the code editor at left, the second
    line should say fileTypes = (‘rxml’); Just change this to fileTypes = ( ‘rxml’, ‘builder’);. 4. Select the ‘HTML (Rails)’ item. Here we’re
    doing pretty much the same thing—change that second line to fileTypes = (‘rhtml’,’erb’). 5. Close the Bundle Editor window. You’re done.

From then on, any .erb or .builder files you open will be treated like
the .rhtml and .rxml files they’re replacing.

I tried both erb and html.erb for the HTML(rails) fileType, and reloaded
bundles and restarted textmate.

Still nothing.

I would like to move to this extension format but will have to remain on
rhtml until i can get the bundles working with it.

I forgot to select HTML(rails) for the page.

problem solved.