.htaccess for pages?



I’m having a problem getting .htaccess to work on an area of my site.
Is anyone else using a .htaccess file to protect certain directories on
their radiant sites?

I have a secondary level page called ‘staff’


I created a directory ‘public/staff’ and placed a .htaccess file in

The .htaccess file is not working. Is it possible to do this? Are there
some other things I need to change?



You might try putting your directive directly in the root .htaccess
file and then scope it down to /staff

example, put something like:

    <Directory /staff>
            AuthType Basic
            AuthName "Password Required"
            AuthUserFile /somewhere/staff.htpasswd
            Require valid-user

somewhere BEFORE the call to:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.fcgi [QSA,L]

As soon as Apache has called dispatch.fcgi, it’s Rails handling
everything, and nobody is checking your htaccess


Thanks for the reply Jacob, this did work however when it authorizes
you it just renders a blank page and does not hand off control to

Since I was in a pinch I did some hacking and got it to work, but if
anyone finds a clean way to require authorization for a collection of
pages and still use Radiant please post it to the list, I think that
would be helpful.