Hpricot 'emptyelem'?


So I require hpricot, open-uri, and net/http in IRB. I type this bit of
doc = Hpricot(open(“http://redhanded.hobix.com/index.html”))

then I run
images = (doc/“img”)

and I get this for images:

#<Hpricot::Elements[{emptyelem RedHanded}, {emptyelem PickAxe II}, {emptyelem Type the Duck}, {emptyelem Get Conversations about RedHanded » sneaking Ruby
through the system}, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem
}, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }, {emptyelem }]>

Now I want to be able to download all the images from this web page. But
I don’t see being able to just go (in psuedo code)

open(images[0], w) do |file|

Because of all the weird ‘emptyelem’ bits. How do I get around these?


Ok so I fixed the issue.