Howto: Install Visual Ruby on Raspberry Pi Debian based system

Ruby is only half installed on the Raspbian image (02/2015), but a
‘sudo apt-get install ruby-full’
will fix that.

Now you can install the other parts that are needed by typing:
‘sudo apt-get install libgtksourceview2.0-dev gtk2-engines-pixbuf’

Because Debian has not Glade 3.8 we need to get this from Ubuntu:
3.8.0-0ubuntu4 : glade-gtk2 : armhf : Precise (12.04) : Ubuntu


To install the Ubuntu packages type:
‘sudo dpkg -i libgladeui-1-11_3.8.0-0ubuntu4_armhf.deb’
‘sudo dpkg -i glade-gtk2_3.8.0-0ubuntu4_armhf.deb’

Finally you can type:
‘sudo gem install visualruby’
to install VisualRuby.

Sorry I don’t know how to properly format this post. I put single
quotation marks around the command, just copy and past the inside only.

Markus Schulz