Howto enter nonbreaking spaces in I18n translarion file

I have the following in my en.yml file

date_time_key: “yyyy mm dd hh:mm utc ±hmm”

I would like to have the spaces in ‘yyyy mm dd’ and ‘utc ±hmm’ replaced
with a non-breaking character unicode <U+00A0>. How is this done, or is
it even possible in Ruby-1.8.7?

The wiki pages and discussions that I have managed to find do not seem
to address this sort of thing directly.

Solved it:

UTF-8 nonbreaking space = “\xC2\xA0”


date_time_key: “yyyy\xC2\xA0mm\xC2\xA0dd hh:mm\xC2\xA0±hmm”