How'd they do that?

You’ve seen the new widget builder in the Leopard demos where Steve goes
to “any” website and chooses a section of it by drawing a rectangle
around the area of interest, and then hits a magic button, and Voila, a
new widget is born that tracks the content of that area of that website

I would like to do something similar for something I’m working on, but I
have no slightest clue how they are doing that.

Anybody think they have successfully reverse engineered that in their


Pretty clever trick isn’t it? The magic is really in the Dashboard
widgets. Apple has this framework called WebKit. WebKit is the fully
HTML engine sitting behind Safari web browser, Dashboard Widgets, or
any Mac OS X application the chooses to include a WebKit view.

The WebClip Dashboard widget is basically a WebKit view with a
designated visible rectangle. The rocket science is in WebKit and not
necessarily in the Dashboard widget itself.

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