How write at access log only part of $request?

Hi All,

I have next question:
is it possible at nginx access log file decrease stored $request to

We have very big traffic, and $request part is significant for us only
some start substring of $request value.

Is it possible write at log for example some kind of SubString(
$request, 0,
someLengthFromStart ) instead of full $request length ?


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On Mon, Mar 02, 2015 at 05:32:34AM -0500, ertyi wrote:

someLengthFromStart ) instead of full $request length ?
For example, you can do something like this using map:

map $request $request_truncated {
“~(?.{0,100})” $tmp;

See log_format directive description for details on how to
configure custom access logging formats.

Maxim D.

thanks very much - checking )

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