How updating the views when changing the DB?

i am new to Ruby.
i used scaffold to create a Database migration with lets say 2 fields:
name:string surname:string

The scaffolding and migrationprocess has done the DB and the view edit
delete action.

I want to add a new database field. I can do this in the migrationfile
and the schema file and do the db migration again but the scaffolding
part is not done again.
Is there a way to do this automatically? Otherways i allways have to
delete the Database and do all the scaffolding again and my changes made
to the views are lost.

Any idea?

You’ll want to create a new migration:

ruby script/generate migration <migration_name>

then edit the migration to add the field (descriptive migration naming
will help you later)

run the migration and add that field to the index/edit/new views… no
need to redo the database in total.

A Rails app is built of many migrations, which most see as a normal part
of refactoring as new features or capabilities are added over time.

so i have to add the new fields by hand to the view manually. The
database thing is running fine. My question was about the manual
changing the view/index/edit-files.
So there is no way to do this automatically?