How to write query in sunspot solr


I am  using sunspot solr for search i which i need to write query

for following mysql query

select as id,sp.upc, IF( IS NULL,, as
name, IF( IS NULL,, manufacturer_name,
IF( IS NULL,, brand_name,sp.store_id,IF(
IS NULL, spu.manufacturer_id, p.manufacturer_id) as
manufacturer_id,IF( IS NULL, spu.brand_id, p.brand_id) as
from sal_products sp
LEFT JOIN store_product_upcs spu on (spu.upc = sp.upc and
spu.store_id = sp.store_id)
LEFT JOIN manufacturer m1 on (spu.manufacturer_id =
LEFT JOIN product p on (p.upc = sp.upc)
LEFT JOIN manufacturer m2 on (p.manufacturer_id =
LEFT JOIN brand b1 on (spu.brand_id = b1.brand_id)
LEFT JOIN brand b2 on (p.brand_id = b2.brand_id) group by

could any one provide me solution?


On Feb 17, 6:26am, Pab [email protected] wrote:


could any one provide me solution?

No, nobody is going to be able to provide you a solution when you’ve
provided no information about how the data is stored in Solr…

–Matt J.

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