How to view resource with Ajax.autocompleter

I have ajax.autocompleter working and I can get the string entered
into the field from the list. But how do I view that selected text
with the ‘show’ method? Here is my code:

----- Controller --------
def autocomplete
search = params[:user]
@users = User.find(:all,
:conditions => [ ‘LOWER(first_name) LIKE ? OR LOWER(last_name)
LIKE ?’,
“%#{search.downcase}%”, “%#{search.downcase}%” ],
:order => ‘first_name, last_name DESC’,
:limit => 8) unless search.blank?
render :partial => “search”

------ autocompleter --------
<%= javascript_tag(“new Ajax.Autocompleter(‘user’,
{indicator: ‘spinner’,
frequency: 0,
minChars: 1,
);”) -%>

------- search partial ----------

    <% for user in @users do -%>
  • <%= link_to user.whole_name, user_path(user) %>
  • <% end -%>

From what I’ve read I think I need to use the updateAfterElement
option but I don’t exactly know how. When the text is selected from
the list, I’d like it to invoke the ‘show’ medthod resulting in a url

Thanks for any help!

Oh, and I also have
method: ‘get’
added to the autocompleter