How to use RX1 channel on USRP

Hi Lists,

I’ve modified RX1 channel on USRP N2xx FPGA sources, and data rate on
is difference with RX0 (don’t change RX0 channel because RX0 channel
be use for other task).
Could you tell me how to receive data from RX1, please?

Any of your advice to help me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Best regards,


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply.

On RX1 channel, I’ve added a demodulation module. The demodulator get
from the cordic_z24 module (via clip_reg module) and out to dsp_rx_glue
module (you can see on the attacked file). The data rate on RX1 depend
the symbol rate of demodulator.
I can’t get only data from RX1 on PC. Therefore, on PC, I’ve configured
to receive data from both channel (RX0 and RX1) with sample_rate is
5Msamples/s (160 Mbit/s), data rate of RX1 is 18Mbit/s. One error
when program run:

UHD Error:

The receive packet handler failed to time-align packets.

67936 received packets were processed by the handler.

However, a timestamp match could not be determined.

Could you help me to get only data from RX1 or both RX0 and RX1 channel,


Best regards.