How to use AtomFeedHelper?

Ive installed the latest version of the AtomFeedHelper plugin into
my application, and am using it as explained in the README file,
however its just not working. It complains about everything from the
lack of a code block, to the code block being nil, to “xml” being an
undefined variable. Im really confused and i cant find a single
example of anyone using this code… Instead i see people using
render_atom_feed_for, which i understand to be deprecated.

Any help or tips on how to use AtomFeedHelper with a respond_to block
would be very appreciated as im about to throw my keyboard against a
wall :wink:



I solved my own problem. The solution was to freeze at the latest
stable version of EdgeRails, which at the time of this post is 7277.
I hope this helps the next poor soul that tries to use AtomFeedHelper
with rails 1.2 :slight_smile: