How to use an alternative external (file-based) stylesheet?

Hello list,

again some (three) newbie questions:
What steps are necessary to create an alternative CSS style sheet in an
external file?
Also: How does the (Pages->) Styles page and the (Layouts->) Stylesheet
layout interact? I know that (Layout->) Normal uses /styles.css as
style sheet definition.
Is it right that the (Layout->) Normal layout assembles the whole page
from the defined parts (or children of (Pages->) Home Page)?

Many thanks for any help!

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Andreas S.

If you want your CSS in an external file outside of Radiant, just drop
the CSS
file under public/ and reference it.


  1. Delete the Styles Page from Radiant and put a styles.css in public/.

  2. Update the Layout to uses /examplecss.css and put a examplecss.css
    file in

Todd M

Quoting Andreas S. [email protected]: