How to use a google maps url into YM4R?

hey all,
I have a google maps url posted by the user such as:,+France&ie=UTF8&latlng=48871953,2303271,12028371856558028754&ei=lgHmRbHWDoa-2AKU78TMCA&sig2=KeqI-krw-tdRn8WR4-drEg&dtab=2&reviews=1&oi=more_rev&sa=X

is there a way to get all the paramaters (such as the q, the latlngt
and whatever is needed) of that url and use them into the ym4r

thanx in advance


Hi Patrick, how about:

google_query = URI::parse( params[:query_string] ).query
google_params = CGI::parse(google_query)

This will give you a Hash of all the URI parameters, including the
search string ‘q’, and ‘ll’ which is your lat-long array.