How to use 2 tx channels in osmocom sink block

I am trying to send audio signal at 2 different channels(96 MHz and 99 MHz) using sdr but not able to transmit at two different channels at same time.

Anyone knows how to use two TX channels in gnu radio? please in details



To use two TX channels in GNU Radio with the Osmocom sink block, you need to configure the sink block to use multiple channels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up two TX channels:

Add the Osmocom Sink Block: Start by adding the Osmocom sink block to your GNU Radio flowgraph.
Configure the Sink Block for Multiple Channels: You need to specify the number of channels you want to use in the sink block. This can be done by setting the nchan parameter to 2 for two channels. The sink block string argument should look like this: bladerf=0,nchan=2.

Use gr-bladeRF for MIMO Support: It’s recommended to use gr-bladeRF as it natively supports Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in GNU Radio, which is necessary for transmitting on two channels simultaneously.

Set Frequencies for Each Channel: Assign the desired frequencies to each channel within the sink block. For example, set one channel to 96 MHz and the other to 99 MHz.

Adjust the Sample Rate: Ensure that the sample rate is set appropriately to cover the bandwidth of both channels.

Execute the Flowgraph: Run the flowgraph and check if the transmission is occurring on both channels as expected.

If you want to receive and detect exact values of frequencies using bladeRF, such as 96.05 MHz or 99.7 MHz, you can do so using Python. There’s an example Python script that you can refer to for guidance on receiving specific frequencies.

I hope the information may helps you.