How to upload video file?

Dear all,

kindly help me to upload video files…

Thanking you…

Try this

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Hi pandya,
You are not the first person who has found uploads challenging, in
fact there are a couple gems and plugins to help with the process like
paperclip and attachment_fu. I haven’t used attachment_fu, but I
personally like paperclip and the railscast video gives you step by
step instructions, that make it really easy to understand.
Here is the link to the railscast video

you will also want to install the paperclip plugin which you can get
here GitHub - thoughtbot/paperclip: Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord
The railscasts video is designed to show you how to upload an image,
but implementing the same method for videos shouldn’t be too
difficult. Shyam posted a link with steps on converting videos with
paperclip, so you may want to look into that after you grasp the
basics of paperclip and how it all works.