How to update to 1.2.6

I’m afraid to tell it gem update rails because I think that would
probably install 2.0.2 and I only want to go from 1.2.3 to 1.2.6

How can I update rails (Linux) to 1.2.6 ?


“gem install rails -v=1.2.6” will do it just fine.



You could also do a “rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-2-6” - that would
upgrade this specific rails application.

On Thu, 2007-12-27 at 19:13 +0100, Codeblogger wrote:

“gem install rails -v=1.2.6” will do it just fine.

it did… it’s not very well documented, perhaps it’s my gem version
itself which is 0.9.4 which I should probably update too.



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