How to update gnuradio

Hi, all

I am new to gnuradio, I have installed the package smoothly. But I have
a question about the update, I went through the faq and maillist but did
not find answer.
If I need to update the gnuradio from old verion to a new one, what
should I do? Just download the package, and do ./configure, make, make
install again? Do I need to uninstall the old one first?

Song Gao

I assume you mean that you installed from source.
Yes, you need to uninstall the old version first, which means going
into the directory of the old source code and running “sudo make
uninstall”. Then install the new version as normal…

Dimitris S.
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According to the cygwin-gnuradio build guide,, when you have
the update, you have to first write the command




./bootstrap is applied when installing from source other than a tarball