How to translate a C tree structure to ruby tree objects

I want to draw a figure with opengl. The key seems to start from a tree
The top of the tree is the trunk, there are several childrens, head,
upper arms upper legs, each of these have children of their own…

I found a tutorial which explains

Information is stored in nodes which include
pointer to a function that draws the object
matrix which positions, scales and orient this node relative to parent
(including children)
pointer to children of node

typedef struct treenode {
GLfloat m[16]; //transformation - e.g. translation
void *f(); //figure - e.g. Left leg
struct treenode *child;
struct treenode *parent;
} treenode;

What is the OOP ruby way of building a tree? Can it be something like
this? (per Brian Schröder)

class Node
attr_reader :children

def initialize
@children = []

what goes in @children? the transformation and drawing would be Node
methods I think?
And how do you refer to parent (You need information on the parent to
know where to draw the node)
What do I do with my class Node (called traversing a tree? )

I saw
that trees are something people think about in ruby. Do any of those
reference have a bearing on my question?

The children of a node go in @children. They’re probably other nodes.

The transformation matrix and function would likely be data members
holding, respectively, a matrix and a proc object. An alternate
approach for the drawing function would be to make an instance method
that receives a block (where the block would contain the drawing

So, potentially something like this:

class Node
attr_accessor :children, :parent, :transform
def initialize(parent = nil, transform = some_sort_of _matrix_object)
@children = []
@transform = transform
if parent then parent.add_child(self) end

def add_child(node)
node.parent = self

def draw(&block)