How to tranparently deal with MogileFS with php and nginx

As I’m working on this new project based on image uploads, my brains
buzzing with all the stuff I’m reading to try and make the project
scalable from day one. As I said in another thread, it’s much calmer for
me to ask now than when I’m screaming “Help my server’s melting”

Seeing as there’s a MogileFS module for nginx, I thought it would be th
best option for seamlessly adding storage if we’re successful. I’ve been
looking at the docs ( and
I’m curious how I can make the operations more transparent and seamless
for php operations.

Uisng this example locations, if I referenced an image in a webpage as
/download/abc.jpg it would serve up the file referenced with the

And I see they have an example location of /upload for adding/deleting
files. Is there a special way that php has to add the files to that
location, since it’s been set up on a web server? While the /download
location seems pretty easy to deal with an a webserver, I’m wondering if
there’s a way for PHP to interact with the adding, deleting, etc of
in a way that’s more like dealing with a local filesystem.

Thanks for any advice.