How to test with RSpec a Rails plugin using “link_to” and “current_page?”

I’m writing a Rails plugin that builds up a menu in a view. I’m using
link_to to build the link and current_page? to set
class=“active” on the current page.

I’ve included ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper so I can use

To get current_page? working in the view, I’ve had to inherit the
current class (apparently ActionView::Base) and it works perfectly
well. Unfortunately, this totally breaks the tests with RSpec.

I’m calling link_to and current_page? like this:

def menu(options = {}, &block)
  carte =
  yield carte
  carte.to_s unless carte.empty?

class my_menu
  include ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper
  include ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper

  def initialize(base)
    @base = base

  def link
    @base.link_to(name, url_options, html_options)

And I get this error with RSpec:
Undefined method `link_to’ for #<

Any clue?