How To Test For W3C compliance locally and possibly to inclu

Hi Everyone,

As many of you out there I’m “protected” by the firewall which prevents
me from checking my code for W3C compliance, I am able to check the
code but i would like to test my code before it goes to production.

So if anyone was able to have that check done locally, possibly
including some sort of tests in to the integration process, I would
truly appreciate knowledge exchange.


Gregory B.

i’m assuming you mean (x)html/css by code… if so, you can cut and
paste into
the w3c validators

“Validate by Direct Input”

(x)html =>
css =>

if this is a work situation i suggest having a word with the powers that
be -
expecting you to develop web apps with that kind of limitation is
mind you, deploying to a staging server is probably a good idea anyway

Alternatively, use Firefox’s Web D. extension, which submits
the html / css for you.

Install the W3C validator locally and use the responsible markup

Of course this isn’t going to deliver CI, but I swear by this firefox
extension: There’s an addon for
Safari that does the same thing. It’s based on HTMLTidy, so it doesn’t
require a network connection.


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