How to telnet to a host?

I use this code to telnet to a Windows Xp machine.“Host” => “localhost”,“Timeout” => 10,“Prompt” =>
/[$%#>] \z/n)
tn.login(“user”, “123456”){|c| print c}

The output will be:

Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Service

login: zhaoyi

and then timeout.

I know what wrong with these code. It is because the password prompt is
different with the default one. It works when I set the PasswordPrompt
value. But after login, when I run a command I will get time out error.
Please see my code:“Host” => “localhost”,“Timeout” => 10,“Prompt” =>
/[$%#>] \z/n){|c| print c}
tn.login({“Name”=>“user”,“Password” =>
“123456”,“LoginPrompt”=>/[Ll]ogin[: ]\z/n,“PasswordPrompt”=>/password[:
\z/n}){|c| print c}

tn.cmd(“dir”){|c| print c}