How to support file upload in Nginx 1.8

I am using Nginx 1.8 version, and Is it default support file upload, I
found there is

clientbodyinfileonly in Nginx, so is it official method to support file


Rejoice,I Desire!

I’m very new, a novice when it comes to nginx and setting up a web
and trying to figure out how to upload files. We already have an Apache
solution with PHP, but do not want to use PHP anymore.

I’ve looked over this tutorial but could not get it to work:

Is there a really elementary step-by-step explanation for adding upload
capability through a post command? I mean, I’m not even sure where all
files and folders are supposed to go.

Finally, we will not be uploading files through a web-browser, but from
desktop and mobile applications. So any explanations related to that may
be helpful.

Sorry to be such a newbie, but I don’t have a ton of experience outside
programming language: LiveCode. But I am diving in trying to learn more.

I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 using nginx 1.8.0. I also added the
to my build; not sure if this is causing problems trying to use



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