How to split and send a video file between two systems through GNU radio , USRP


I want to send a 100Mb video file between two systems which have
stack and connected by USRP.
How can I split and send the big data file into two streams via two
different channels.?.

What is the modulation and demodulation techniques (I would like to use

I want to get the all data at the receiving end without any data loss.
Is any working example available. Please provide suggestion on this.




I’m trying to run and with two USRPs
(usrp1) connected to the same machine (Ubuntu 11.10).
I named my usrps “dev0” and “dev1” using “usrp_burn_mb_eeprom” and
called my python scripts with the “–args” option to specify the
transmitter and the receiver. But I got nothing on the receiver side.
Is what I did enough to configure my usrps? Is there any thing else to
do to make it work?