How to show price on store list?

I have separated a product table and a price table,
because One product can have many prices.
Users choose a bag_size from the drop down box.

ex) a prodct “a” has 2 bag size(1,2)
a price of 1 is $4.99
a price of 2 is $5.99

ex) a product “b” has 3 bag size(1, 2, 3)
a price of 1 is $3.99
a price of 2 is $4.99
a price of 3 is $5.99

now I’d like to show a list of products with prices of each.


<%= collection_select “bagList”, :price,
@prices, :price, :bag_size, :prompt =>“Bag Size” %>


@prices = Price.find(:all)


belongs_to :product, :foreign_key => :product_id


has_many :prices, :dependent => :destroy

the above code shows all the prices on the price list…

||product “a” || product “b”||
||price 1,2,1,2,3||price 1,2,1,2,3||

well, i’d like to show products and a drop down select list with their
own prices…
||product “a” || product “b”||
||price 1,2||price 1,2,3||

anyone can help me out, pls?

i got it working by

<%= collection_select “bagList”, :price, Price.find
(:all, :conditions=>[“product_id=?”,]), :price, :bag_size, :prompt =>“Bag Size” %>