How to setup USRP(N200) from multiple hosts?

Hi all,

I’m newbie in this field(RF,SDR,wireless) and want to learn. So, first
of all i want to explore how the wireless communication is done using
the USRP.

So, I need help on how to setup the networking for the USRP. I want to
know what is the proper setup to make USRP connected from different
hosts to talk to each other in wireless.

In present, i have 2 USRP(N200) connected to different PC. The OS is
Ubuntu 12.04. I set the address of first USRP as and the
later is and both PC is assigned to static IP

I run uhd_siggen_gui file at first USRP (transmitter) and uhd_fft at the
second USRP(receiver) and set both to the same center frequency (2.4GHz)
but its output nothing.

I believe the wrong is due to my network setup. Please anyone out there
guide me on this setup…