How to set the bandwidth in WX GUI FFT Sink


I have a USRP B100 from Ettus and I am receiving FM Radio. I plotted the
Spectrum and the baseband spectrum in a notebook, but I don’t know how
change the frequency axis or zoom in the graph. I want to know if it
possible to change the frequency in the same graph as well.

I tried to do it but I can’t. I am a newbie so I really appreciate your

Thanks in advance,

Pablo F.

On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Pablo F. Alonso
[email protected] wrote:

Thanks in advance,

Pablo F.

The bandwidth is directly related to the sample rate of the gui block.
But understand that the GUI doesn’t actually /do/ anything about the
sampling rate of the signal. It doesn’t change it or really get
influenced by it. All it does is set the x-axis label.

And to zoom, you can adjust the x and y scales using the Axis Options
buttons on the left-hand side toolbar.


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