How to set my homepage?

hi,everybody.i am a ror beginner
i have a problem in how to configure my websites

<VirtualHost :8080>
DocumentRoot C:/ror/
ServerName rails
Options Indexes ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
AliasMatch ^/([^/]
)(.*) “c:/ror/$1/public$2”

i have added the sentences,i can visit my ‘test’ page by
visiting the url http://rails:8080/test/
the folder ‘test’ is created by the rails command.but i how i can
set my homepage?in php,i can place a file name index.php in
c:/test/,while apache show me the message ‘404 not found’ after i
created the folder ‘index’.
in brief,i want to visit the url http://rails:8080/ ,and the root file
‘/’ is a ror page .but how i can do?