How to set JQuery's effect for normal link


I would like to apply some JQuery’s effects(fadeIn,fadeOut) in my site
while page is loading.
So i tried below code.when i clicking normal request,code is working

But i had problem only when i clicking ajax link.
So i planned to avoid above effects for ajax request.

How to set above effects only for normal request ?

On Jul 9, 2010, at 6:02 AM, Manivannan J. wrote:

   var link = $(this).attr('href');

How to set above effects only for normal request ?

Ajax links (via link_to_remote) at least in Rails 2.x set an inline
onclick handler. So either modify your code above to not override those
inline handlers or modify JQuery’s ajax setup to apply your animations
to ajax links as well (perhaps in the beforeSend callback).

well you have to use link_to_function method see on

its is similar to link_to_remote ajax in ror
you also shuold have jrails working
in your view

<%= link_to_function(“Avoid Ajax Call”, nil, :id => “more_link”) do |
page[:details].visual_effect :fadeOut
# your smoe other effect