How to set a root URL?


My server installation of RoR is working but I still have a problem
with routes. I would like the root URL of my site to be some thing
like . But this is not working since Rails
include the ‘/mysite/’ in his routing. Of course, if in all
connections in routes.rb I add ‘/mysite’, all is working, but is there
another way to tell Rails that my root URL is not ‘/’ ?

Thank you for all,
Pierre L.

AFIK, no, there isn’t.

What you could do, if you really need something like this (I can’t see
a reason…) is, at the “root_path” redirect to this URL that you want
to be your root.

Maurício Linhares (pt-br) |

Is your app fronted by Apache?

James M.

In fact, my site is still in development, I don’t want to put it on
the root of my domain, but in a directory.
I think I miss something simple because I’ve done tests few months ago
and all was ok.

On 9 fév, 13:59, Maurício Linhares [email protected]

Yes it is ! Is there a solution with the htaccess ?

I’ve found : all one have to do it to put
config.action_controller.relative_url_root = ‘/yourpath’
in the config file.