How to set '302 Moved' location protocol


Same problem, but hopefully a clearer call for help :wink:

I need to set the protocol part of the Location: in the ‘302 Moved’
header to ‘https:’. I can see in Live HTTP Headers that it’s currently
set to ‘http:’. This is causing warning dialogs (‘you’re being
redirected to an unsecured page’) under SSL for all my controller to
controller redirect_to’s. Is this something I can set in Rails? Or is
it something that gets set somewhere else (like Apache, maybe?).

Thanks much for any help!!!

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Thanks much for any help!!!

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There are a ton of discussions already on this – this was at the top
of google’s list:

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Hi Rob,

First, thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it and,
after taking a quick look at the first link, am feeling pretty sure
help me figure out what I need to do. Second thing is, I have no idea
wtf a
‘reverse proxy’ is. Which is why I’m so very thankful to Robby for
this list up to begin with.

Thanks again for your reply. At least now I have something to Google on.
Damn tough to find an answer when you can’t even form a good question

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