How to send sms to mobiles

how to send sms to mobiles

There are many ways available to do this.

1.Set up a sms gateway(kannel i prefer) and connect with smsc using smpp
(can send and get sms).then use your web server to connect with sms
2.Buy a API from service providers(Google it)(bit restricted).you will
get a
URL basically, and you can execute it using curl related functions or


On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 6:29 PM, karnati kiran

This may or may not meet your requirements, but if you don’t need 100%
certainty that the messages will be delivered, most mobile providers
have an email address you can send a message to. The message will get
forwarded as an SMS to the mobile device. I’m using this technique in
my app. Here is a list of some of them.

Alltel [email protected]
AT&T Wireless [email protected]
Boost [email protected]
Cingular [email protected]
Cricket [email protected]
Digicel [email protected]
Lime [email protected]
MetroPCS [email protected]
Nextel [email protected]
QWest [email protected]
Rogers PCS [email protected]
Sprint PCS [email protected]
T-Mobile [email protected]
US Cellular [email protected]
Verizon [email protected]
Virgin Mobile [email protected]

Make sure the message is below the 160 character limit as there will
be no confirmation of receipt or notification of failure. The delay
between sending the message and it being received varies with each
message, and delivery is not guaranteed (which is also a stipulation
of the SMS protocol).


On Jun 15, 9:16 am, cheran krishnamoorthy [email protected]

You’d use this library, altough you need a clickatell account…

El 15/06/10 18:30, chewmanfoo
escribió:> To clarify: sending an email to one of these addresses, and getting it

To clarify: sending an email to one of these addresses, and getting it
trannsformed into an SMS message depends on that carrier’s SMSC having
an email gateway device, which is essentially some sort of SMTP server
which reads messages and makes an SMS message out of them. If the
carrier did not have an email gateway, this sort of thing wouldn’t
work. One should not assume that SMSC is some sort of email
technology such that all messages sent from handset to handset get
transformed into emails.