How to save session using open-uri

I am trying to pull out some information from a site.

There are 2 steps involved in order to get data from site. The first
step is a translation of the some user id to THEIR id. After the
translation is complete,use THEIR id to pull out information. This first
page is performing the translation step and is then forwarding the
results to the tool page.
I am able to get the first page but cant save session to resubmit the
It is required that the resubmission must be within the original api
session as necessary session variables are also set in that first step.

How can i keep session alive?


Try using Mechanize. It will handle all the session & cookie detail for

Thanks, it worked.

There are couple of radio button that I need to “check” and then
generate a report by clicking another button. Below is example:

Functional Annotation Clustering Functional Annotation Chart
<tr >
  <td><button  class='table' onClick="CreateTable();" type="button" 

value=“Functional Annotation Table” name=“B1” > Functional Annotation

How can I “click” on 1st one- Functional Annotation Clustering?
It might be very simple but I am having hard time to find the solution


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