How to save double-byte characters in mongodb?

I have a Model called Review.rb

class MovieNews::Review
include Mongoid::Document
include Mongoid::Timestamps
include Mongoid::Userstamp
include Mongoid::Search

    field :story,   type: Stringend

When i create a instance of class review and tried saving which local
language telugu in the field, im getting wrong output.


review =
review.story = “నటవర్గం” after pasting here it’s spelling goes worng
“నటవర్…” => true

Does Mongodb supports local languages to create collection? Someone
help me out.

On Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 9:47:00 AM UTC+1, Kiran K. wrote:

Are you saying that data saved to mongo comes back incorrect or that
the pasting in your text editor (or possibly the ruby console) that


On Thursday, 9 July 2015 04:47:00 UTC-4, Kiran K. wrote:

help me out.

As Fred has indicated, is the issue that the string appears incorrectly in
the terminal / editor, or that it is saved incorrectly to the database?
was able to produce a string that looks (to my
thoroughly-unfamiliar-with-Telegu-script eyes) like your “spelling goes
wrong” example by replacing the last six bytes of the string with two
literal periods (codepoint U+2E).

–Matt J.