How to run a CRON task at midnight of each user's local time

I have a job I want to run at midnight of whatever timezone the user
is in. Right now it runs at midnight, server time. I want to make it
run every hour and only affect the user’s whose local time, at time of
running the task, is midnight.

The user database stores the user’s timezone.

Is there a Ruby or Rails command that can check what timezone is at
midnight, then only run that job on the user’s whose time is midnight?

Any other suggestions on how to run it…if anyone has done this
before…or has an idea…

Thanks guys
Sir Bertly.

I answer this as a common question,dont have much experience in ROR.

you have to run one cron each hour and you have to store the GMT
along with the user details.Script you execute using the cron should
have a
algorithm to find out the midnight of the user according the GMT
you stored.

maybe someone has better idea than this…


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Any other suggestions on how to run it…if anyone has done this
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Aah, sounds about right, but, that brings up another issue…Daylight
So here is what I did. I set the rails timezone to the user time zone,
got the current time according to rails, if within the hour of midnight
(00h), run the task. This works for now, but may be a bummer if I have a
large number of users…hopefully I’ll know more then…

Thanks for your response. Helped me jog my thoughts.