How to restore a Typo database?

Back in July I tried, unsuccessfully, to upgrade my Typo blog at
Dreamhost to 5.1. As a result of that failure I experimented with
Typo-5.1.2 on my laptop and the ensuing discussion about problems with
sqlite appeared here. All that is beside the point now - no reason to
revisit it!

I’ve been occupied with other matters in the interim but am returning to
this now.

I have a working but empty MySQL-based Typo-5 running at Dreamhost.
Somewhere along the line I managed to dump out the old database as one
big YAML file -


It has everything it it. (I think)
It begins …

pings: []

page_caches: []


  • is_primary:
    category_id: “4”
    article_id: “14”
  • is_primary:
    category_id: “3”
    article_id: “14”
  • is_primary:
    category_id: “1”
    article_id: “14”
  • is_primary:
    category_id: “4”
    article_id: “15”

The trouble is that I don’t know how I created it and I don’t know how
to get it back into the new - empty - database, or even if it would
“fit”. Its obviously not broken up into the individual files, one for
each table. like a fixture.

I’m not Rails or Typo savvy enough to know what to do with this.
I’ve run “rake -T” and I don’t see anything obvious there which
accounts for this or tells me what I can do to restore it.

Any suggestions? Anyone offer help?

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