How to respond correctly to a POST request for a static file?


I have a Facebook app hosted on nginx. Faceboook fetches the data by
issuing a POST request for index.html before embedding it in their
canvas. My server replies with 404, instead of the expected 405. If it
was 405, I could fix things by adding “error_page 405 =200 $uri;” to the
configuration file, but for some reason it’s 404.

I can think of two ways of correcting the situation:

  1. Find a way to have the server respond with 405 and then add the above
    line. This is probably the correct way.
  2. Respond with 200 when a POST request is issued for index.html.

How do I implement either one of these?


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Thanks, but I’m getting a 404, not a 405. Using the solution you linked
to would require all 404s to be 200, which is not a good idea. Any was
to limit this to just index.html?

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