How to remove element from array (ActiveRecord)?

i have a record

=> #<NormalReservation id: 34, name: nil, family_id: 3, location_id: 1, ticket_no: nil, from_date: “2019-07-16”, to_date: nil, from_time: “19:00:00”, to_time: “19:30:00”, created_at: “2019-07-16 12:43:14”, updated_at: “2019-07-16 12:43:14”, kids_ids: [23, 6], reservation_type: “normal_reservation”, payer_id: nil, payer_employer_id: nil, infant_present: false, first_name: nil, last_name: nil, recurring: 0, recurring_end_date: nil, toddler_present: false, infant_and_toddler_present: false, common_recurring_id: nil, young_toddler_present: false, has_atleast_one_infant: false, has_atleast_one_young_toddler: true, has_atleast_one_toddler: false, has_atleast_one_preschooler: true, has_atleast_one_schooler: false, used_reservation: false, infant_count: 0, young_toddler_count: 1, toddler_count: 0, preschooler_count: 1, schooler_count: 0, remaining_visit_id: nil>

Now you can see the kids_ids column
have two element now i want to delete 23
i am trying this NormalReservation.last.kids_ids.delete(23) but not working

Try .destroy rather than .delete

I’m not sure if that will help though as I’m new to ruby myself