How to remote connect to the SQL server 2005 when th ere is a ‘\’ in the SQL server name, such a

Hi, Guys,

How to remote connect to the SQL server 2005 when there is a ‘\’ in the
server name, such as\active?

In fact, when I try to remote connect it by the SQL 2005 client,
goes well.

On local, there is a SQL 2005 server, it is:
Server name:
User: Wesley
Password: 111111
I can connect it successfully by:‘’, ‘Wesley’, ‘111111’)‘active_local’)

But on another remote server, it is SQL 2005 with the value like:
Server name:\thesql
User: Wesley
Password: abc?de
I can’t connect it successfully by:‘\thesql’, ‘Wesley’, ‘abc?de’)‘active_int’)
or‘\thesql’, ‘Wesley’, ‘abc?de’)‘active_int’)

I get error message:

`method_missing’: Open (WIN32OLERuntimeError)

OLE error code:80004005 in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

 * [dbmssocn] **General network error. Check your network

documentation. *

HRESULT error code:0x80020009

  Exception occurred.        from

E:/NetbeansProjects/ActiveTrainer/lib/sql-server.rb:26:in `open’

    from E:/NetbeansProjects/ActiveTrainer/lib/sql-server.rb:76

The *26 *above points to the sentence below in Red color.

My connect string is:

def initialize(host, username = ‘sa’, password=’’)

  • @connection = nil*
  • @data = nil*
  •     @host = host*
  •     @username = username*
  •     @password = password*


def open(database)

  • Open ADO connection to the SQL Server database*

  • connection_string = “Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;”*

  • connection_string << “Persist Security Info=False;”*

  • connection_string << “User ID=#{@username};”*

  • connection_string << “password=#{@password};”*

  • connection_string << “Initial Catalog=#{database};”*

  • connection_string << “Data Source=#{@host};”*

  • connection_string << “Network Library=dbmssocn”*

  • *@connection =‘ADODB.Connection’)



I connect the remote SQL server by SQL 2005 client, using the username
password above, I succeed.
Appreciated to any suggestions.

Wesley C…