How to receive message from subblock using topblock?


I’m newbie with PMT and I created a block was inherited from
and sent out messages.
Could you tell me how to receive messages from my block on topblock to
process them, please?

With best regards,


Dear LTP,

your top_block [1] is a msg_accepter, just like every other block in
your system, and a basic_block. Hence, it has a a post()[3] method, it
has a message_port_register_in()[4] etc.

You should be able to follow what’s described in the Guided tutorials,
Part 5, section 5. [2] If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend
reading Part 1-4 first – they are a fun read (I hope), and they explain
a lot of the core concepts quite well.

Best regards,
Marcus M?ller


On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 3:21 AM, Marcus Müller
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Adding to Marcus’ list of references: