How to put Rails applications on the www

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Hi, i’m new web ruby developper and ruby on rails. I’ve just finished
my first rails rapplication and figured out one thing: my webhoster
use olds version of rails and ruby, but … That’s not my question. My
first rails app was just a try… just my portfolio which i developped
in php before assuming php is leak but when i tried to upload it, i
found out a question…
My question is:
I’ve just started develop my second app which will be a webgame, when
it will be done, i’ll probably rent a VPS but:
What is the process to upload web rails application which contains few
gems which is not installed as default (pg for postgresql, authlogic,
and some more…).
Do i have to prepare some “things” which will help me do that?

or just install ruby/rubygem/rails and the few gems i’ll need, create
database and upload my files?

Don’t even bother with traditional hosting unless you have constant high
traffic. Use instead, it has everything you need and
is dead simple. Just put the gems in your gemfile, push to heroku and
are done.

And btw, it is free for basic usage.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:41 AM, Romain ‘Maz’ BILLOIR

A preferred way of deploying Rails apps is using Capistrano (
GitHub - capistrano/capistrano: A deployment automation tool built on Ruby, Rake, and SSH.). It automates your deployment
also has a plugin (or “recipe”) (require “bundler/capistrano”) for
installing gems via Bundler.


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