How to put everything from directory into assets as subdirectory

By everything I mean everything. Untouched by assets pipeline.

External javascript libraries, like CK Editor for example, dynamicly
load javascript and css in runtime, depending on settings. So compiling
them with assets pipeline into one file makes no sense, even worse it
doesn’t work at all.

Is there a mechanizm in rails to copy all files from ex.
…/gems/…/lib/assets/ck_editor to …/assets/ck_editor directory.

It is hard to automate copying since it is a moving target, due to gems
versions, so it has to be done by hand.

Funny thing is that everything works in development, but of course not
in production, since assets pipeline has no mechanizm to move whole
directory into assets directory.

Or have I missed something obvious?


Sorry. I reposted question in the Rails forum.


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